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Does your Chimney look like it is in distress when it should look healthy?  We can help.

Rebuilding chimneys is a common repair for the Canadian homeowner. Generally speaking, masonry chimneys tend to develop issues above the roofline. Below the roofline the chimney is protected by the roof itself. Above the roofline the chimney is susceptible to rain, snow, wind and sudden temperature variations particularly to the top of the chimney flue liner.


When you combine a cold evening with the starting of a fireplace, the extreme change in temperature affects the top section of the flue liner, eventually causing the chimney to break away from the crown. This leads to water damage that will destroy the chimney from both the inside and outside with the potential for water damage inside the roof. This damage can continue as wood rot, mold, mildew and potentially a fire inside the roofline. Additionally, when buying a home, a chimney in distress can influence your ability to get home insurance.



In rebuilding your chimney, we access our suppliers to match up the original brick on your home and match the mortar dye colours to maintain the consistent appearance of your home. We also use fire rated caulking and non-shrinking grout to ensure that your chimney is not just brought up to Fire Code Standards but exceed them and ensure a long life span.   All masonry work is performed by qualified and experienced bricklayers.

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